By Mike Rhodes

  1. How can I justify the cost?

Highlight the benefits to you professionally and to the Company commercially of your attendance on the course. Emphasise how your improved knowledge will benefit Company performance and hence provide a good return on investment. Remember 90% of top performers are emotionally intelligent, earning more money for their organisation, as well as themselves.


  1. Time out of the workplace

Offer to make up the time you will be away or use annual leave. Perhaps you could offer to meet halfway on this which would demonstrate your mutual commitment to the programme.


  1. You may leave after completing the training

Point out that one of the main reasons people move jobs is a lack of opportunity to develop and progress. The Company’s investment in you demonstrates their commitment to developing your knowledge and capabilities, which will encourage both your loyalty and commitment.


  1. Will the course make any difference?

Explain how your increased leadership abilities will impact your team’s performance. Illustrate how building your resilience and emotional intelligence will make a significant difference to both you and people around you. Perhaps offer to become your organisation’s go to person on these important attributes, so extending the benefits of attending to others.


  1. Will you want a pay rise?

Reinforce your commitment to the organisation and your ambition to progress – and that the purpose of this course to enhance your value to them. You wouldn’t expect a pay rise or promotion simply for attending a course. However, your Company might be inclined to give you a pay rise when they see the commercial benefits you demonstrate on your return.


  1. You are already emotionally intelligent as you ‘get on with everyone!’

Thank your boss for the positive feedback – and point out that this innate talent provides a solid base on which to build. Developing exceptional skills in resilience and emotional intelligence will further enhance your commercial benefit to the organisation. You might also demonstrate the link between emotional intelligence, empathy and resilience in the work place and mental health and well being.

Offer to become a Champion in this area and how you could influence the work culture amongst your team and beyond.


Good luck! Remember, we are here to help and support you – and can even talk directly to your boss if you would like. Call Cathy on 07947 465 190 or email