By Mike Rhodes, First Published April 2020

In my Credit Management role, I have been fascinated by how our customers are dealing with the current crisis and the heavy impact it is having on both their business and way of life.

Now is the time to show empathy towards your customers, at the same time asserting the needs of your own business. That’s right – you can do both!

By limiting confrontation and being supportive in your communications, you can collect debt in a timelier manner and engender customer loyalty in the future.

There are always exceptions to the rule – and that is why we have well documented escalation processes.  However, the vast majority will appreciate understanding and empathy towards their situation and be prepared to work together for mutual benefit.

When we emerge from this crisis, customers will remember those suppliers that were supportive and those that weren’t.  Who do you think they will choose to deal with in the future?

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