Shared ownership drives down debt

The power of teamwork

Motivation drives commercial results

Recognise and reward great work

Strong communication drives success

Reap the rewards

The power of relationships

Mutual understanding for collaborative success

Credit for Growth

Interactive 2-Day Workshop

1 Place

£1,000 plus VAT

2 Places

£1,700 plus VAT – save £300


In this engaging and interactive two-day workshop, we will explore the role of effective credit management in business success – good working practices, strong relationships and effective systems.

Ongoing support from our Sounding Boards and One-to-One Mentoring will cement your knowledge to ensure it translates into personal success.

The power of credit
  • What is credit? Why do we give it?
  • Maximising profitable sales
  • Strong customer relationships
When to give credit
  • Assessing creditworthiness
  • The T&Cs
Debt collection
  • The psychology of cash collection
  • Collection methods
  • Effective telephone techniques
  • When to go legal
The emotionally intelligent Credit Controller
  • Understanding the Sales Team
  • Building bridges with Sales
  • Cultivating customer relationships
  • Assertive communication
  • Building trust and mutual respect
Managing credit
  • Ongoing customer monitoring
  • Query management
  • A monthly process

Places are strictly limited to ensure we can respond to your individual needs. 

Book now to secure your place – and receive 3 months’ Sounding Board membership for no extra charge*

Cement your knowledge and ensure it translates into commercial success with ongoing support from our Sounding Boards and One-to-One Mentoring.

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