Power of earned media

Move others to shout from the rooftops

Importance of strategy

 Think first, spend wisely

Embrace agile marketing

 Real-time response to engage customers

Create online sizzle

Harness the power of digital to dazzle

Marketing in a Digital World

Interactive 3-Day Workshop

1 Place

£1,400 plus VAT

2 Places

£2,400 plus VAT – save £400


In this interactive, fun 3-day programme, you will learn a step-by-step approach to successful marketing and leave equipped to develop an effective, achievable marketing system for your business.

Ongoing support from our Sounding Boards and One-to-One Mentoring will cement your knowledge and ensure it translates into commercial success.

The Big Picture
  • What makes people tick – the psychology that drives behaviour
  • Why marketing is more than the fluffy stuff
  • Popular myths exposed
  • The impact of digital – good and bad
  • Using digital to add sizzle to your marketing
  • Why planning is key – and a simple framework
  • Profiting from key market trends
  • Eyeing up the competition
What’s the End Game?
  • Creating a compelling vision and mission
  • Goal setting for success
Your Ideal Customer
  • Why customers are your most valuable assets
  • What makes an ideal customer
  • Creating a great customer experience


How to Attract Ideal Customers
  • Understanding strategy – the missing link
  • The right strategy to set you free
  • An agile approach to keep ahead
  • Achievable action planning
  • Keeping on track to success

Places are strictly limited to ensure we can respond to your individual needs. 

Book now to secure your place – and receive 3 months’ Sounding Board membership for no extra charge*

Cement your knowledge and ensure it translates into commercial success with ongoing support from our Sounding Boards and One-to-One Mentoring.

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