Regain perspective

Valuable time out from the day to day

Far reaching discussion

For both personal and business success

Such a powerful environment

Challenge and be challenged

Friendly and supportive

Collaborate and learn from each other

Sounding Boards

Joining a Sounding Board is a fantastic way to embed your learning. This powerful, collaborative forum provides the opportunity to engage with and learn from peers in a supportive environment. A small group of high-calibre individuals, who have undertaken the same training programme, participate in monthly Board Meetings. Specific business topics relating to your training are discussed and best practice exchanged.

These facilitated discussions allow each participant to be heard, challenged and supported in order to achieve specific, actionable outcomes. Participants hold each other to account in subsequent Board Meetings to ensure progress is made and hard commercial results are achieved.

Choose from the following packages:

3 Months

£150 plus VAT per month

6 Months

£125 plus VAT per month