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COVID-19 has hit us all hard.  Our way of life changed overnight – and without our permission.  Markets shifted dramatically, customer attitudes changes and our people have been rocked to the core.

Now, as we turn our attention to the future, as we attempt to return from lockdown to a new normal, we must engage our people in that process. 

Who is better placed to understand the new market, how customer expectations and attitudes have changed?  And who is better placed to lock arms with us, to work together towards a bright, resilient future in this new world? 

But they are going to need our help.

We remain anxious about this invisible threat, weary of the uncertainty, hard done to – we are emotionally spent.  We need both psychological and practical support to come out of this fighting and a compelling vision of a brighter tomorrow to play our part in creating.

We need to re-plan for this new world, re-shape our organisation to be fit to thrive and re-engage our team to embrace this bright future.

We have partnered with Whitecap Consulting and Freeths to provide both the strategic planning and legal support required to successfully re-plan and re-shape organisations and teams.  At Break for Growth, our passion for people will support you in re-engaging your team in collaboration with our partners.

It makes hard commercial sense to do so.  The latest Gallup global survey on engagement showed that engaged teams result in an increase in profitability of 21%.

 Why wouldn’t you?

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