Build high performing teams

Understand and leverage the team dynamic

Motivating others

Inspire courage and commitment

Vision and values

Paint a captivating picture of the future

Build mutual trust

For extraordinary results

Inspirational Leadership

Interactive 3-Day Workshop

1 Place

£1,400 plus VAT

2 Places

£2,400 plus VAT – save £400


In this interactive and engaging 3-day programme, you will learn the enduring principles of successful leadership and explore your personal strengths, to leave a more rounded, confident and inspirational leader.

Ongoing support from our Sounding Boards and One-to-One Mentoring will cement your knowledge to ensure it translates into personal and professional success.

The Big Picture
  • What really motivates people – and why paying top dollar is rarely the answer
  • How our environment influences behaviour
  • What is leadership – and how it differs from management
Being Equal to Leadership
  • Building resilience
  • The emotionally intelligent leader
  • Effective communication
Transformational Leadership
  • Courageous ethical leadership
  • Inspiring trust
  • Creating a compelling vision
  • Inspiring business and personal transformation
  • Managing sustainable change
Achieving through Others
  • Adapting leadership styles
  • Motivation and empowerment
  • The learning organisation
  • Building high performance teams

Places are strictly limited to ensure we can respond to your individual needs. 

Book now to secure your place – and receive 3 months’ Sounding Board membership for no extra charge*

Cement your knowledge and ensure it translates into commercial success with ongoing support from our Sounding Boards and One-to-One Mentoring.

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