Adapt to change

It is the only constant

Adversity is temporary

This too will pass

Cultivate a growth mindset

Every setback is an opportunity to learn

The importance of strong relationships

The power of unbreakable bonds

Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

Discovery Day

1 Place

£600 plus VAT

2 Places

£1,000 plus VAT – save £200


In this inspiring and enjoyable full-day workshop, we will discuss some powerful habits you can cultivate to greatly enhance your professional and personal success and happiness.  You will leave equipped with a range of tools and techniques you can deploy for immediate impact.

  • Key characteristics of resilient people
  • Cultivating self confidence
  • The courage to act
  • Playing to your strengths
  • Control the impact of others
  • Reframing for success
  • The choice is yours
Emotional Intelligence
  • Humility and self awareness
  • The power of self control
  • Self motivation
  • Building empathy
  • Effective social skills

Places are strictly limited to ensure we can respond to your individual needs – book now to secure your place.

Cement your knowledge and ensure it translates into commercial success with ongoing support from our Sounding Boards and One-to-One Mentoring.

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