By Mike Rhodes

As a manager for many years I have had numerous requests for career development training from members of my team. I have also had the same challenges in convincing my boss to pay for training for me – so you could say I have been on both sides of the fence!

Whilst it is understandable to feel anxious about asking your boss for this kind of support, I would suggest that any good leader would be delighted to hear this from you. Such a request shows both commitment to your role and desire to improve your self worth and contribution to the company in which you work.

That being said, your manager will need to consider this investment in the context of broader commercial considerations. It is important therefore to ensure you present a well thought through case by including the following:

  1. Details of the course and relevance to your role – show how the training will benefit your performance and the company’s performance and profitability
  2. Cost of the course and duration

Be enthusiastic and positive about the training and how it would benefit you and the organisation – remember that enthusiasm is contagious!

One objection I have often heard – and you may encounter – is the risk of an employee leaving after you have invested in their training. Whilst this is always possible in any business, in my experience, the risk of an employee leaving will be greater should you not invest in their development and training. I am sure you will agree that investing in your development is more likely to build loyalty to your employer than drive you to seek pastures new!

In summary, a good leader should be delighted with employees who are keen to develop both themselves and their impact on company performance – I am always delighted to receive such requests. Of course, your employer will need the details of the course and how it will positively affect both you and the company – so come prepared to make your case. And don’t worry. Ask the question – you may be surprised how positive the reaction is!

If you need any help or support in making your case, or would like us to speak to your boss about our training, we would be delighted to help. Call Cathy on 07947 465 190 or email